rearrange Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • поправлять, приводить в порядок

    • переставлять, передвигать

    • перестраивать, переделывать; реконструировать

  • переставлять
rearrange the furniture – переставить мебель
  • менять
  • перестроить
  • перегруппировать
  • перестраиваться

Примеры использования

Nothing left to do but to rearrange the loads and wait for the lead to close.
Only platinum could exist there, and the matter had to rearrange itself as platinum.
These ions are free to rearrange themselves in various combinations.
They had been critically watching me wash and rearrange my clothing.
No one seemed to mind it, however, for no one paused to rearrange it.
You will see how true this is if you attempt to rearrange a child's room.
She tried to rearrange a mental picture which the other was continually destroying.
The third possible cause was that you did not rearrange your day.
How he would laugh to find that she was already planning to rearrange it!
No period has been so auspicious as the present to rearrange our gold coinage.

Карта синонимов


change the places of things


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