ramification Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • разветвление, ветвление, рамификация

    • ответвление, ветвь; отросток

      ramifications of a river — рукава реки

      ramifications of a road — ветви дороги

    • pl. последствия, результат

      the ramifications of an act — результат какого-л. поступка

    • собир. ветки дерева

    • pl. сеть (жилок и т. п.)

      ramifications of a plot — нити заговора

  • разветвление
  • последствие
negative ramifications – негативные последствия

Примеры использования

Jason was shocked when he learned the ramification of his cheating was immediate expulsion from the university.
If anyone was injured during the heist, the legal ramification will be even worse for the robbers.
When you started dating a married woman, did you not realize a ramification of your actions would be her husband’s hatred?
The trade embargo will be a damaging ramification to the financially distressed nation.
Before you quit your job, make sure you are aware of the ramification of not having a salary to pay your bills.
The government hopes the lowering of interest rates will have a positive ramification on the economy.
After making a racist statement, the owner of the basketball team realized his words would cause a social ramification and end with his exile from the sports world.
The biggest ramification of the new healthcare law is that many people will lose their current medical coverage.
Even though the war between the two oil nations is small, it may have a global ramification if it interrupts the distribution of natural resources.
Frank’s failure to properly write the contract is going to leave the company with a very serious ramification.
It is not growing strongly, and is as simple as possible in ramification.
But in other species the ramification of the apophyses assumes more the form of bifurcation or of irregular branching.
There are sometimes other complications in the ramification of the tube, but these need not detain us.
It led into a ramification of small passages and tunnels underground.
We determined to keep up the etiquette of refined life in its every ramification.
Every ramification has its feeder, and sucks up food for the tree with avidity.
They are only an extension and ramification, one of another, an endless continuation like the epics of the East.
There is some advantage in this elaborate method of dissecting out every distinct fibre and ramification of an argument.
It is remarkable that we sometimes find an idea dart suddenly into the mind without cause or ramification.
We decidedly agree with him; we even think the idea shows signs of ramification.


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