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  1. существительное
    • очищение, очистка

    • продувка

    • полит. чистка

    • мед. слабительное

  2. глагол
    • (тж. from, of) очищать

      to be purgeed of /from/ sin — рел. очиститься от греха

      to purge oneself of suspicion — снять с себя подозрение

    • прочищать; счищать; вычищать; удалять; очищать (тж. purge away, purge off, purge out)

    • продувать

    • полит. проводить чистку

      to purge the party — проводить чистку (в рядах) партии

    • очищать кишечник; давать слабительное

    • слабить

    • юр. заглаживать (преступление); искупать (вину)

      to purge an offence — искупить /загладить/ проступок

  • чистка
bloody purges – кровавые чистки
continuous purge – непрерывная продувка
  • слабительное
  • удалять
  • очистить
  • продуть
  • продувочный
purge gas – продувочный газ

Примеры использования

After he saw his parents making out in the back seat of their Buick, Kevin vowed that he would do whatever it took to purge the image from his brain.
Because she never intended to gain back the weight she had lost, Jennifer decided to purge her wardrobe of anything bigger than a size 10 and then go shopping.
Although this cleansing diet will purge toxins from my system temporarily, my nutritionist warned me that they’ll come right back if I return to my former bad eating habits.
Myrna is so superstitious that she hired a spiritualist to purge her new house of evil spirits.
The results of the election revealed that voters were determined to purge the city of its corrupt officials.
Hoping to purge herself of the guilt she felt for shoplifting the bracelet, Marina put some cash in an envelope and left it at the customer service desk.
It is essential for all nations to remain vigilant to foreign leaders who intend to purge the planet of minority groups that they consider to be undesirable.
In an effort to save money, officials decided to try to purge the company of overpaid executives by offering them early retirement.
After watching a TV show about hoarders, Darlene resolved to purge her house of any items that she didn’t absolutely need.
There was an enormous outcry in the community when a small group of very conservative parents attempted to purge certain books from all the school libraries.
He did his part to purge the veins of men of the subtle poisons which dwarf them.
Why, my Masters, it can not as much as purge its own channels.
To purge away the crime appears to him in the light of a duty, whoever may be the criminal.
He had been a month in Nantes, sent thither to purge the body politic.
I dyd it but onely to subdue my flesshe, and to purge my reynes.
He owed it to his own safety to purge the palace of such as might be there.
There is a second version extant in Pills to Purge Melancholy.
Flagellation for thirty-three and a half days was held to purge from all sin.
"That'll purge me," he urged as an objection to all reasoning.
In the Philippines the decoction of the leaves is given as a purge.


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