prosperous Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • процветающий, преуспевающий

      prosperous nation — процветающая нация

      prosperous era — эпоха процветания

    • богатый, состоятельный, зажиточный

    • успешный, удачный

      prosperous voyage — удачное путешествие

      to bring a plan to a prosperous issue — довести план до успешного завершения

    • благоприятный

      prosperous weather — благоприятная погода

      prosperous moment — благоприятный момент

      prosperous wind — попутный ветер

  • процветающий
  • обеспеченный
  • благоденствующий
  • зажиточный
prosperous peasant – зажиточный крестьянин
prosperous country – богатая страна
prosperous man – состоятельный человек
  • благополучный
prosperous future – благополучное будущее
  • преуспевающий
more prosperous – более преуспевающий

Примеры использования

The prosperous man never had to worry about having enough money to pay his bills.
Although the restaurant took a while to become prosperous, it was soon grossing over a million dollars a year.
Hank shows how prosperous he is by having parties at his mansion every weekend.
Since Jill did not come from a prosperous family, she had to get a job to pay for her prom dress and graduation fees.
The woman felt quite prosperous after she received her tax refund.
At Prosperous the barracks were burnt, and nearly all the soldiers killed.
Prosperous or wretched, her destiny henceforth was linked with another.
Protestants remembered the foul play at Prosperous; the rebels swore to avenge the treachery at the Curragh.
Prosperous communities sprang up in eastern Oregon and Washington.
Now concerning the city toronto this city is Beautiful and Prosperous Levele city.
"Prosperous voyage," said the third officer wheezily, and I murmured something to the same effect.
Prosperous and sheltered as her youth had been, she had, up to this time, apprehended scarcely anything of the real drama of life.
Prosperous Barcelona swarms with mechanics and artisans, and that is one reason why Barcelona is disorderly.
Prosperous old gentlemen pacing home, rotund in their buttoned-up coats, had clear drops at the end of their noses.
Prosperous districts with a teeming population have been reduced to desert wastes.


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