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  1. прилагательное
    • приличный; видный; представительный; презентабельный; респектабельный

      presentable clothes — приличное платье

      presentable gift — приличный /хороший/ подарок

      to look quite presentable — выглядеть вполне солидно; иметь приличный вид

      I've nothing presentable (to put on) — у меня нет ничего приличного, мне нечего надеть

    • хороший, достойный

      presentable play — неплохая /недурственная/ пьеса

    • могущий быть предъявленным, представленным

      presentable claim — обоснованная претензия; претензия, могущая быть предъявленной

    • лёгкий, ясный, доступный для восприятия

  • презентабельный
presentable appearance – презентабельная внешность

Примеры использования

She had still much to do, ere she could be presentable for college.
I would not have him see you such a horrible figure—not presentable!
And I hastened to seek a presentable lounge-suit from his bags.
I was scarcely in a presentable condition, travel-stained as I was.
It should be as fanciful as possible, so as just to be presentable in Society.
Nancy was hectoring it over him and pulling him about to make him presentable.
He saw the road, only a rod away, and suddenly reflected that he was not presentable.
There is no doubt about it, Gordon is the most presentable man that ever breathed.
In other respects he was presentable, and his flannels very clean.
On the outside, at any rate, their copies looked most presentable.

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