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  1. прилагательное
    • первый, главный

      premier dancer — первый солист балета

      to take /to secure/ (the) premier place — занять первое место

    • первый, (самый) ранний

  2. существительное
    • премьер-министр

    • глава, главное должностное лицо

    • амер. государственный секретарь

  • премьер
premier league – премьер лиги
  • премьер-министр
  • главный
premier destination – главное предназначение
  • премьерный
premier performance – премьерный спектакль
  • первый

Примеры использования

Of all the hotels in the world, this premier hotel was on the top of every hotel critic’s top ten list.
To be accepted into the premier nursery school, students were required to have a high IQ and their parents had to pay a large sum of money.
While living in the premier apartment complex, Jeff’s friends were envious of the apartment’s impressive amenities compared to the other apartments in the area.
Once I was diagnosed with cancer, I was happy that I would be a patient of the premier oncologist in the industry who successfully treated the most patients.
The funeral director tried to sell me the gold-plated casket from their premier line for many thousands of dollars.
But the friends of Protection did not leave the Premier without opposition.
The premier and some of his colleagues observed, however, a moody silence.
Beckendorff himself, the Premier, is the son of a peasant; and of course not noble.
It was he, who, during the illness of the then Premier, despatched the contingent to the Soudan.
The Premier did not approve of the suggestion, nor was it like to meet acceptance at home.
We are sorry to hear that the Premier is suffering from a troublesome Gough.
The Premier, who was said to have "run away" to Fife, after all had a "walk over."
Holmes wrote a name upon a slip of paper and handed it to the Premier.
I knew that if the Premier had an enemy in Grichka, then the statesman was doomed.
Cartier was a famous Canadian premier who was born in Lower Canada in 1814.


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