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  1. существительное
    • гончарня, гончарная мастерская

    • гончарное дело

      pottery industry /trade/ — керамическое /гончарное, фаянсовое/ производство

    • керамика, гончарные изделия

      a piece of pottery — керамическое /фаянсовое/ изделие

      the Potteries — район в северном Стаффордшире, центр английской керамической промышленности

  • керамика
art pottery – художественная керамика
  • гончарня
  • глиняная посуда
  • гончарное дело
  • посуда
  • гончарный
pottery clay – гончарная глина
pottery vessel – керамический сосуд

Примеры использования

We do not know which genius first discovered the use of pottery but he deserves a statue.
There is a pottery shop with two ovens for baking the vases.
The Greeks were also painters, makers of pottery, and workers in gold and silver.
He was passing by in his carriage this great khawaja, when we were coming out of the pottery.
So Fluff read the famous piece of pottery, to the great delight of all.
The Indians had used it for countless generations in their search for pottery clay.
The evidence is almost entirely that of pottery discovered on the site.
The pottery when cold may be dressed on a grindstone if necessary.
The Picts and Scots have left nothing at all approaching to their pottery work.
It is not a question as to the quality or style of pottery; it is salt that is needed.

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