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  1. прилагательное
    • приятный; милый, славный; симпатичный

      pleasant breeze [perfume, society] — приятный ветерок [-ые духи, -ое общество]

      to make oneself /to be/ pleasant to smb. — быть любезным по отношению к кому-л.

      it is a pleasant day for walking — в такой день приятно гулять

      pleasant dreams! — приятных сновидений!

      he is a very pleasant man — он очень славный /приятный, милый/ человек

      a man pleasant to deal with — с этим человеком приятно иметь дело

      he was very pleasant — он был очень мил

    • весёлый, шутливый; радостный

  • приятный
pleasant sensation – приятное ощущение
pleasant side effect – приятный побочный эффект
pleasant female voice – приятный женский голос
pleasant little town – приятный маленький городок
  • милый
pleasant hotel – симпатичная гостиница
  • радостный
pleasant event – радостное событие
  • отрадный
pleasant fact – отрадный факт
  • понравившийся

Примеры использования

Because Laura is such a pleasant person to be around she is always making new friends.
The pleasant weather was too much to resist so we spent the day at the beach.
I was excited to learn that Bob was dating my sister because he has a pleasant and agreeable nature.
I love to sit out on the porch that overlooks the bay because the atmosphere is so pleasant and relaxing.
As a salesman, Jerry makes use of his pleasant smile because it has a calming effect on people.
Yet the voice of Plato would be pleasant to my ears, as music on the waters in the night-time.
That he was constantly cheerful proved the matter of his musings to be pleasant.
His countenance is mild and pleasant, and has a highly intellectual expression.
We must now close our sketch of those diversified and pleasant volumes.
She had gone back to bed and fallen promptly into a pleasant sleep.
However, when we rise to go, it is well after midnight, and I am in a pleasant daze.
The tree gave a pleasant shade, and he had thrown his sombrero on a chair.
When cross, which she was sometimes, though very rarely, she tried to be pleasant.
Miss Vavasor continued the most pleasant and unexacting of guests.
Well, it is pleasant to be able to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


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