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  1. существительное
    • (деревянная) тарелка или блюдо

      platter of fruit — блюдо с фруктами

      to lick the platter clean — вылизать тарелку; всё подъесть

    • амер. разг. граммофонная пластинка

      long-play platters — долгоиграющие диски

    • спорт. диск

    • плетельщик; вязальщик

  • блюдо
disk platters – пластины дисков
  • диск
  • поднос
  • деревянная тарелка

Примеры использования

Tsian Tang brought out a platter of red amber on which lay a carbuncle.
She held so fast by the fine polish of the outside of the cup and platter.
She could see well enough when she was trying to pick a choice morsel from the platter.
She picked up a platter and proceeded to wipe it, quite as a matter of course.
Rucker's headin' in from the kitchen, bearin' aloft a platter of ham an' cabbage.
The Irishman leaned back and surveyed the platter where the steak had been.
All went well, until a platter was passed with a kind of meat that was strange to me.
Then we'd go to the Medical Center and hand it to them on a platter.
The ritual of chalice and platter has servitors to see to it.
"That's the outside o' the cup an' platter," she said knowingly.

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