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  1. прилагательное
    • весёлый, бойкий

      perky woman — разбитная бабёнка

    • дерзкий, самоуверенный, наглый

      perky little nose — задорный носик

      perky little miss — дерзкая /самоуверенная/ девчушка

  • веселый
  • дерзкий

Примеры использования

After drinking two cups of strong coffee and three espresso shots, Steven was so perky that he was doing cartwheels around his office.
After having two secretaries with bad attitudes, the manager required a perky attitude from the next secretary so that she would be pleasant to be around.
Since the teenager stayed up late and got up early, Kaley was not the usual perky girl until her grogginess wore off.
In order to qualify for the cheerleading squad, each girl had to have a perky disposition in order to get the fans excited about the game.
Sylvia’s perky behavior and addictive smile always won over her clients which caused her to be the top salesperson in the company.
She was so small and perky and so absurdly able to take care of herself.
They taught the perky boy that he was not everything, and the limp boy that he might be something.
I know you, Perky; and you needn't try any tricks on me or it'll be the worse for you.
Perky seized the rockets and touched one after the other to the flames of the bonfire.
But Perky wired the Governor that he thought he was being watched?
Perky and I have been smoking our pipes off yonder in the woods.
He resented his exclusion from the conference with Perky and said so.
She's not nearly so perky and cheeky as when she first came.
Tim's got a little too perky because I let him get ahead of me one night in a drill of turnips.
She looked pert and cool and girlish in her ice-blue suit and perky hat.


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