panjandrum Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • важная персона, «шишка»

  • шишка

Примеры использования

Same thing, I reckon, by all that you tell about that Panjandrum and his goin's on!
I would have died for my Panjandrum as my father died for his father.
My Panjandrum is deposed and transported to herd with convicts.
I should as soon have expected to meet the great Panjandrum himself!
One player is chosen to be the Panjandrum, an important personage requiring a body guard.
The object of the game is for the players at large to touch or tantalize the Panjandrum without being tagged by his guard.
Panjandrum, pan-jan′drum, n. an imaginary figure of great power and importance, a burlesque potentate.
All the ladies (only ten with the whole army) came to breakfast at half-past seven, and so did the great Panjandrum himself.
I live now for three objects only: to defeat the enemy, to restore the Panjandrum, and to hang my solicitor.
The Republic of Beotia has been compelled to confine the Panjandrum and his family, for their own safety, within certain bounds.


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