overseer Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • надзиратель; надсмотрщик

      overseer of the poor — ист. приходский попечитель по призрению бедных

    • мастер; контролёр

  • надзиратель
general overseer – главный смотритель
  • контролер
  • наблюдатель
  • надзирающий

Примеры использования

"Let the men rest and thank the gods," he said to his overseer.
So I took her in, and the overseer said I was welcome to her.
She was the overseer's cross; no one could help him bear it.
The slaves sat round an overseer who shook the dozing and nudged the slow.
Don't she boss him round like the overseer on a cranberry swamp?
Or ought this science to be the overseer and governor of all the others?
Once an overseer challenged him, demanding to know his business.
The overseer bade him go to the devil, and get out of the plantation.
When a Kaffir strikes a diamond, he gets a commission, and so does his overseer.
Where would be the use of farming the land by help of such an overseer?

Карта синонимов


person who supervises others' work


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