overhaul Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • тщательный осмотр

      to undergo a thorough overhaul — подвергнуться тщательному осмотру

    • капитальный ремонт

    • производство подробной ревизии

  2. глагол
    • тщательно проверять, осматривать

      to be overhauled by a doctor — подвергнуться медицинскому осмотру

      to overhaul the state of a business [of accounts] — произвести ревизию фирмы [бухгалтерии]

      to overhaul a government department — инспектировать работу министерства

    • разбирать, тщательно осматривать для ремонта (судно, машину)

      to overhaul the engine of a car — осмотреть двигатель машины

    • капитально ремонтировать; перестраивать, реконструировать

    • догонять

      to overhaul a vessel [competitor] — догнать судно [соперника]

      the horse overhauled the favourite to win by a head — эта лошадь выиграла заезд, обойдя фаворита на голову

    • раздёргивать (тали); давать слабину (снасти)

    • очищать (снасть)

  • капитальный ремонт
general overhaul – капитальный ремонт
  • пересмотр
complete overhaul – полный пересмотр
  • тщательный осмотр
  • перестройка
total overhaul – полная перестройка
  • реконструировать
  • пересмотреть
  • ремонтировать
  • догнать

Примеры использования

After the Bolsheviks assassinated the Romanovs, they began an overhaul of the Russian government and completely rewrote the laws.
The baker spent several thousand dollars on the complete overhaul of all of his outdated kitchen appliances and replaced them with the latest models.
When Dalia broke up with her boyfriend, she did a massive overhaul of their entire apartment and threw away everything that reminded her of her ex.
After more than half of her class failed their exam, the teacher reevaluated her teaching methods and started a complete overhaul of every worksheet and assignment.
The President imposed a systematic overhaul of expensive, medical care system and replaced it with a brand new plan that catered to low-income families.
The cruisers did not overhaul the little vessel as rapidly as Madden had anticipated.
While breakfast was in the course of preparation he went out to overhaul his saddle.
I don't think that craft could overhaul the Lion, if they tried ever so.
Not much, only I would like to have you overhaul my knapsack for me.
Whilst they were absent I carried the captain into the hold and left him to overhaul it.
Some of their men and horses were killed in their eagerness to overhaul the General.
I was up at four in the morning, however, and called all hands to overhaul the boat.
She can give everyone of you the lead by a mile and then overhaul you on the first tack.
At the pace the pony was going they were able to overhaul the herd in a short time.
The latter's pony was straining every muscle to overhaul the muley.


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