outline Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • часто контур, обвод, абрис, очертание

      the outlines of the skyscrapers — силуэты небоскрёбов

      to draw smth. in outline — нарисовать /начертить/ контур чего-л.

      the outline of Italy suggests a boot — по своим очертаниям Италия напоминает сапог

    • набросок; эскиз

      make an outline of the scene before you paint — прежде чем писать картину, сделайте набросок

    • план; конспект

      an outline of a composition [of a lecture, of a book] — план сочинения [лекции, книги]

      outline of qualifications — сведения об образовании (для анкеты)

      to give a brief outline of a speech — составить /предложить/ краткий план речи

    • план, схема

      she drew the outline of the building from memory — она по памяти начертила план здания

    • очерк, обзор

      an outline of European History — очерки по истории Европы (название книги)

    • pl. основы, основные принципы

      the outlines of Economics — основы экономической науки

      in outline — а) в общих чертах; he presented his idea in outline

      the shore was dimly seen only in outline — были видны лишь неясные очертания берега

  2. глагол
    • обвести, нарисовать контур

      outline France on this map with a red pencil — обведите на карте Францию красным карандашом

    • оттенять, очерчивать

      to be outlined against — выделяться на фоне (чего-л.)

    • изложить вкратце, обрисовать, наметить в общих чертах

      to outline a scheme — наметить проект в общих чертах

      don't bother to outline every chapter — не стоит излагать каждую главу

      she outlined her plans for a trip abroad — она в общих чертах рассказала о предстоящей поездке за границу

  • контур
external outline – внешний контур
rounded outlines – округлые очертания
  • план
broad outline – обширный план
basic outline – основная схема
  • набросок
rough outline – черновой набросок
outline of history – очерк истории
  • конспект
  • основные положения
  • изложение
brief outline – краткое изложение
  • канва
plot outline – сюжетная канва
  • обрисовать
outline the situation – обрисовать ситуацию
  • очерчивать
  • контурный
outline font – контурный шрифт
outline map – контурная карта
  • эскизный

Примеры использования

So that the text box would be noticeable on the poster, I decided to outline the box with a dark black marker.
Our geography teacher told us to outline each northern state in red and each southern state in blue.
Gardeners will typically outline the border of each of their flowerbeds with either small rocks, wooden beams or bricks.
The most painful part of getting a tattoo is when the tattoo artist will outline the figure in dark black so that it stands out.
As the artist painted the mountains on his landscape, he would outline the mountain peaks in a darker blue.
When Sidney saw the outline of the stable roof, she knew that it was dawn.
Dilly bent, and traced the outline of a leaf with her finger.
She traced the outline of her left eyebrow, and put it right.
Let me take one example which may mark out the outline of the contention.
They have length, and breadth, and outline: have they nothing to do with depth?
It is the nature of the thing, not the clearness of its outline, that determines its operation.
It insisted on the outline which had probably been the starting-point of his conception.
Thus it was only for a few moments that I distinctly saw the outline of her figure.
Round the bend came a trifling object, small, uncertain in its outline.
But these are mainly in outline, with little attempt to achieve tones.


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