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  1. глагол
    • выгонять; вытеснять

      to oust a man from office — вынудить кого-л. уйти с поста

      to oust the worms — изгонять глистов

    • свергать; устранять

      to oust the president — свергнуть президента

      he was ousted from the Cabinet — он был выведен из (состава) кабинета

    • лишать

      to oust smb. from the good graces of another — лишать кого-л. чьей-л. благосклонности

    • вытеснять; занимать чьё-л. место

      we must be careful that quantity does not oust quality — мы должны следить за тем, чтобы увеличение количества не отразилось на качестве

    • юр. выселять; лишать владения

  • вытеснять
  • свергнуть

Примеры использования

Environmental specialists would prefer to oust herbicides because they can cause health problems and diseases to many people.
Many citizens of Germany wanted to oust Adolf Hitler but were too scared to do anything about it.
Board members realized that they would have to have at least a 2/3 vote to oust the horrible president.
Since the CEO was the top man at the company, it would be almost impossible for anyone to oust him.
After the citizens would oust the leader, he would be sent to live on a distant island for an indefinite period of time.
She sought to oust them by thinking of any one else, of Aggie, of Joe.
Josie, of course, was prompt to oust Angie Tuthill from her place in the choir.
Shouldn't I like to see a new claimant come up and oust them after all!
He joined Pierson at her side, and made no effort to oust him.
Who would there be who could effectively contest his claim, or oust him from his place?
No one can oust you from my heart if she had all the gifts of the nine graces.
I swear he has been trying to oust me, and the old lady has encouraged him.
We've promised our dead and our living to oust that corrupt monster from his throne.
The Marquise determined to oust Simon from his place in his father's heart.
If he procured his escape, it would be to oust him irrevocably from his inheritance.


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