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  1. существительное
    • организатор

      first-rate organizer — отличный организатор

    • биол. организатор

  • организатор
seminar organizer – организатор семинара
organizers of this festival – организаторы фестиваля
production organizer – организатор производства
conference organizers – устроители конференции
  • органайзер
personal organizer – персональный органайзер

Примеры использования

Petty was a most indefatigable contriver, inventor, and organizer of industry.
London has been waiting for an organizer—a leader—for a hundred years.
The "organizer of victory" had before him a clear field and no favour.
Francis was a dreamer and enthusiast, not a politician or organizer at all.
The former, we may say, deals with man as an organism, the latter with him as an organizer.
This fame rests not on his work as a teacher, but as an organizer and an executive.
He cannot be a clear-headed general or organizer, or he cannot be a patriot.
Stephens was the financial backer and the organizer of the Smythe faction.
He is also a master of matter, an organizer of law, and an administrator of justice.
The organizer anticipates future demand, and prepares for it.

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