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  1. существительное
    • организация; приведение в систему

    • устройство, формирование, организация

      the organization of a new club — организация нового клуба

      the organization of a new government — формирование нового правительства

    • объединение, организация

      mass organization — массовая организация

      industrial organization — промышленное предприятие

      United Nations Organization (UNO) — Организация Объединённых Наций (ООН)

      non-governmental organization — неправительственная организация

    • организм; структура

      complex organization — сложный организм

      delicate organization — хрупкое сложение

      the organization of the human body — строение человеческого тела

      a tree is an organization of roots, trunk, branches, leaves, and fruit — дерево состоит из корней, ствола, ветвей, листьев и плодов

    • биол. превращение в живую ткань, в органическое тело

    • соединение, часть

    • боевое распределение, группировка

      organization for combat — а) распределение для боя; б) оборудование местности

      organization in depth — эшелонирование обороны в глубину

    • амер. избрание главных должностных лиц и комиссий конгресса

    • амер. партийный аппарат

  • организация
nongovernmental organization – неправительственная организация
employers' organization – организация работодателей
regional public organization – региональная общественная организация
economic cooperation organization – организация экономического сотрудничества
nature conservation organization – природоохранная организация
energy supplying organization – энергоснабжающая организация
private voluntary organization – частная добровольная организация
telecommunications satellite organization – организация спутниковой связи
profit making organization – коммерческая организация
hierarchical organization – иерархическая структура
  • устройство
  • формирование
  • организм
  • организационный
organization structure – организационная структура

Примеры использования

An emergency aid organization stepped in to provide medical care, shelter, and food supplies to Japan after a tsunami devastated the coast.
The charity organization was composed of over a hundred church-going ladies who knit hats for cancer patients.
The military aid organization sent care packages to soldiers overseas that were filled with personalized snacks and letters from loved ones.
The crime organization was built by a local group of gang leaders who used weekly meetings to discuss which gangs would sell drugs, weapons, and stolen merchandise.
The local bakery was part of a small business organization that focused on spreading the word about local businesses, finding funding, and providing tips for how to successful run a business.
The Organization might think it had more right than ever to be bitter against us.
In politics, Mr. Palmer has been a member of the Republican party since its organization.
The first attempt at Methodist organization was somewhere between 1824 and 1827.
Nowhere else was the same completeness of organization possible.
It was obvious that as an organization, the Science Community must also be wealthy.
But there were two fundamental errors in the Spartan organization.
It is destroyed for the imagination by any attempt to refer it to organization.
To say of any organization, church or other, that it is dead and non-progressive, is to say the worst that could be said.
And this brings us to the American organization inside of Belgium.
This decentralization began with an organization of all the states.


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