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  1. существительное
    • одобрение, подтверждение

    • санкция; согласие, разрешение

  2. прилагательное
    • predic все в порядке; хорошо, ладно; правильно

    • нормальный, подходящий; исправный; приемлемый; не вызывающий возражений

    • Оклахома (штат США; почтовый код)

    • подтверждать

  3. глагол
    • одобрять, соглашаться, санкционировать

    • утверждать; давать согласие

    • получить одобрение

  4. междометие
    • хорошо!; ладно!; идет!; есть!; слушаюсь!; будет сделано!

  • окей
  • ладно
  • в порядке

Примеры использования

They did not like punks getting arrested and guns going off without their okay.
Okay, Chief, said Carter, though he knew this would be the toughest job yet.
Mike says it's okay to serve them if they come in from the beach just as they are.
Nobody cares on the Road what you do, so I was okay with my belt-length beard.
"Okay, Fell," the captain said, without a sign of disapproval.
"Okay, it's your death certificate," he said, and turned back toward Izzy.
Anxiously he called to Arcot, who answered with a brief “Okay!”
Okay—I'm not going to try any more to lick you until after I've licked myself.
"Air's okay—so's the water—and they'll get food," Garlock said.
But evidently that hadn't been the case because his legs were okay now.


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