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  1. существительное
    • ответвление, отводок, боковой отросток

      offshoot of a plant — ветка /ответвление/ дерева

      offshoot of a mountain range — горный отрог

    • боковая ветвь (рода)

      offshoot of the great house — боковая ветвь великого рода

    • следствие, результат

      direct offshoot — прямое следствие

  • ответвление
various offshoots – различные ответвления
  • отводок
  • отпрыск

Примеры использования

The morality was not so much an offshoot as a complement of the miracle.
America, we might say, does not exist; there exists instead an offshoot of Europe.
A round-topped hill, generally an offshoot from a higher mountain.
He is an offshoot of the Spanish family that ruled the Isthmus 153 after Balboa was shot.
Besides, it is clear that Mohammedanism is an offshoot of Zoroastrianism and Christianity.
She was sure that it was just the other way—that Hampton was an offshoot of Tuskegee.
I, 50; probably an offshoot of the errors of Mendicants at Paris, 1243; see Mat.
In the distance was the Paghman offshoot of the Hindu Kush range.
Yet for all that it may be an offshoot from the primitive line of fish descent.
Was it possible that this vagrant was an offshoot of the noble family which he had been seeking?

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