nationwide Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • общенародный, всенародный

      nationwide campaign — кампания в масштабе всей страны

    • общенациональный

      nationwide defence — воен. оборона всей страны

  • общенациональный
nationwide strike – общенациональная забастовка
nationwide vote – всенародное голосование
nationwide system – общегосударственная система
  • общеукраинский
  • по всей стране
  • вся страна

Примеры использования

The home demonstration agent also ran the county's 4-H clubs, branches of a nationwide organization founded in 1903.
There are reasons why the President should try to represent the country as a whole, since he is elected in a nationwide balloting.
But as the Danbury concern was determined to fight the union, in 1902 a nationwide boycott was declared.
First, the special and unique problem of nationwide strikes in vital industries affecting the public interest.
General strikes, sympathetic strikes, nationwide boycotts and nation-wide political movements became the order of the day.
A bigger game it turned out than any of the players knew, bigger in its immediate sweep and in its nationwide issues.
A nationwide civil defense system now exists in the United States, and is being enlarged and improved constantly.
I shall propose Federal legislation to assist the States to promote concerted action in dealing with this nationwide problem.
The Nazis even forbade the press to mention the incident, lest it become a signal for a nationwide demonstration of solidarity.
Were you writing boys' stories for a nationwide magazine of high circulation and accredited quality?


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