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Примеры использования

He was nailed to a cross, and left suspended there till He died.
It was to him like the sound made by a nailed boot upon rock.
And on the wall hung a fish, nailed against it with four nails.
It'll take him over an hour to do it, the boards will be nailed so cussedly tight.
Nailed several anti-saloon and burlesque planks in his platform.
The vices again flourish which had been nailed to the Cross.
When they had agreed, it appeared that one of his ears was nailed at the pillory in Bristol.
He had run across the plateau; now the nailed boots were ringing on rock.
Shakes were used for shingles, and even––when nailed on frames––for doors.
It was surprising how quickly and how completely he had nailed it.

Карта синонимов


fasten, fix with pointed object


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