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  1. глагол
    • модернизировать; придать современный характер

  • модернизировать
modernize the country – модернизировать страну

Примеры использования

They did not do very much; all that they really did was to modernize a little.
Not much had been done to modernize the interior of the shop.
He had the means to expand and modernize the place beyond recognition.
Besides this, he did much to modernize and beautify it as well.
No attempt has been made to correct or modernize the printed French.
The incentives to innovate, modernize, and enhance productivity suffer.
"It's too old a house to modernize completely," Jean told me.
As for the Glyn Williamses they'd modernize it to-morrow if they were allowed.
He had no precedents by which to guide his steps, no example that he might modernize and follow.
Since that time several attempts had been made to modernize the house.

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