ministry Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • министерство

      Air Ministry — министерство ВВС (в Великобритании до 1964 г.)

      Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Foreign /External/ Affairs — Министерство иностранных дел

    • кабинет министров

      to form a ministry — сформировать /образовать/ кабинет /правительство/

    • срок пребывания у власти кабинета или министра

      during Pitt's ministry — во время правления Питта, в то время, как Питт был премьер-министром

    • духовенство; пастырство

      to enter the ministry — принять духовный сан

    • функции священника

  • служение
public ministry – общественное служение
  • кабинет министров
  • духовенство
  • Министерство
  • правительство

Примеры использования

The end of Mr. Gladstone's first ministry was now drawing near.
Mrs. MacDermott had been deeply hurt by his refusal to consider the ministry.
The ministry and the membership of the Church do not exist for the government.
Will you let me help you into the ministry, as rapidly as money can help?
The following day I received a letter asking me to call at the Ministry.
Finally I received a letter, and went at once to the Ministry.
That same doing, is what we are congratulating the present Ministry upon.
The ministry escaped censure when the vote was taken by a bare majority.
During this session other difficulties were encountered by the Ministry.
Mr. Disraeli's motion was lost, and the ministry was sustained.


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