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  1. существительное
    • мэр

  • мэр
deputy mayor – заместитель мэра
mayors of large cities – мэры крупных городов
mayor of london – мэр лондона
new mayor – новый градоначальник
  • мэрский

Примеры использования

Mr. Mayor was therefore informed that the declaration would not be read.
"The clams and scallops shall be ready within the hour," the mayor answered.
"I'll do it, sir," said I to the Mayor, with a manly curtness.
The Mayor's question was replied to by a perfect whirlwind of cheering.
We fear, also, that an English mayor has been known to blunder.
Mr. Morton, since he had been mayor, now and then had his joke.
He had driven publicly with the Mayor of Gould, with his rifle slung from his shoulder.
I was introduced to the chief, father, and mayor of the Iroquois tribes.
There is much to relieve the remark of Mayor Otis from exaggeration.
If they had been, he might have remained a Mayor to this day, and have talked till he lost his voice.


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