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This he jerked up and down to make ready for his task of thrashing "the pigmy."
She laid it carefully upon her bed, and began to make ready to put it on.
She there and then engaged them, and bade them make ready to set out at once.
I am just now running to warn Deschamps to make ready the dungeon cell.
It sounds well enow, but who is to make ready this feasting?
But now, however, let us obey dark night, and make ready suppers.
Therefore the boys had to make ready for the bath in their tents.
"You will make ready for a strenuous afternoon," he said to them sharply.
We wish you four girls to be our guests as soon as you can make ready to come to us.
Only as long as my mother needs to make ready for the journey.

Карта синонимов


physically prepare; groom


prepare for battle


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