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  1. существительное
    • магистрат, судья; мировой судья; полицейский судья

      examining magistrate — следователь

  • судья
examining magistrate – следственный судья
chief magistrate – главный магистрат
  • должностное лицо
  • магистратура

Примеры использования

As a local magistrate, the judge’s power over state issues was limited.
Minor cases were assigned to be presided over by the magistrate.
In his courtroom, the magistrate heard a series of civil cases.
The magistrate presided over traffic court in several different parishes.
Justice was served by the magistrate who ruled in favor of the plaintiff.
In this instance, the populace are more puritanic than the magistrate.
At last, however, a magistrate was found and a private investigation of his case granted.
The magistrate thought a moment, and replied, "Alice Darvil."
At this very moment the soldiers, preceded by a magistrate, entered the room.
The magistrate cast a glance at a small note at the top of his papers.
Then I'd pity and laugh at him, and I go to him preferably to any other magistrate.
Mr. Dunbar, the constable, and Mr. Balderby drove straight to the magistrate's house.
Here Sir Arden Westhorpe, the magistrate, sat at a table writing.
Margaret was in nowise abashed by the presence of the magistrate.
If the magistrate won't give the word, what's the officer to do?'

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