liquidation Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • уплата (долга)

    • ликвидация (дела, предприятия)

      to go into liquidation — обанкротиться, прекратить существование (о предприятии, фирме)

    • окончательное уничтожение, искоренение

    • физическое уничтожение (соперников и т. п.)

  • ликвидация
voluntary liquidation – добровольная ликвидация
  • избавление
  • ликвидационный
liquidation commission – ликвидационная комиссия
liquidation balance sheet – ликвидационный баланс

Примеры использования

First the capital evaporates, and then the company goes into liquidation.
Two other companies went into liquidation in carrying out the work.
This may also be true of a period of liquidation not preceded by crisis.
Mysterious addition, the liquidation of which must be left to the Hebrew scholar.
The House of Commons determined to apply this to the liquidation of a debt.
I have spoken to Baring about the Commission of Liquidation.
Liquidation was her course—the only honest—the only justifiable course.
She still had her work at the bank; the progress of liquidation was slow.
The loss referred to was rendered easy to him in its liquidation.
Noah,—he floated his stock when all the world was in liquidation.


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