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  1. прилагательное
    • имеющий разрешение, право, лицензию, патент (на что-л.)

    • имеющий патент на право торговли спиртными напитками

      licensed victualler — лицо, имеющее патент на торговлю спиртными напитками (обыкн. владелец ресторана и т. п.)

      licensed house /premises/ — кафе, ресторан и т. п. с подачей спиртного

    • неодобр. узаконенный

      licensed vice — узаконенный разврат

      licensed quarters — часть города, где разрешена проституция

    • дипломированный; аттестованный; имеющий аттестат или свидетельство об окончании учебного заведения

      licensed practical /vocational/ nurse — амер. аттестованная сиделка, младшая медсестра

    • признанный; известный

      licensed satirist — признанный /общеизвестный/ сатирик /насмешник/

  • лицензированный
licensed products – лицензионные продукты
  • признанный

Примеры использования

In 1854, he was licensed to preach the Gospel, by the church with which he was connected.
It does not require a professional beggar or a licensed guide to identify him.
Which they're licensed to go 103 bombardin' each other ontil the goin' down of the sun.
They are licensed to practice medicine, dentistry and pharmaceutics.
When the play was finished I was informed that it had to be licensed for performance.
In 1690 two dealers were licensed to sell tea "in publique" in Boston.
The deceased was licensed as a Congregational minister, Nov. 1, 1836.
That was my first licensed wife and we is married in Holly Springs.
The first of these was licensed, but the remainder were not.
This book was licensed to Cawood in 1567-8, and is said to be the only book he had license for.

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