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  1. существительное
    • легат, папский посол

    • посол; посланник

    • посланец, эмиссар

    • наместник полководца, легат

    • легат, наместник провинции

  2. глагол
    • завещать

  • легат
papal legate – папский легат
  • папский посол
  • посол
  • завещать

Примеры использования

They might be expected in ten days or a fortnight, and could follow the legate to England.
The legate dwelt in some detail on the misfortunes of the preceding years.
And the legate; but the legate has described his emotions in his own inimitable manner.
The legate was her only comfort; the legate and the thing which she called religion.
A legate was sent to Charles by the pope, to protest against it.
"You are insubordinate," said the Legate, of a sudden very cold.
Yet she could sit there, laughing and feasting and trulling it lightly with the Legate!
This evidence they accounted well-confirmed by the Legate's flight.
Fearless in his sense of right, the legate towered before him.
To this proposal the legate added that Christiern had given his consent.

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