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  1. прилагательное
    • смеющийся, улыбающийся; весёлый

      laughing face /countenance/ — весёлое /улыбающееся/ лицо

    • смешной, забавный

      laughing matter — повод для смеха

      this is no laughing — это дело нешуточное /серьёзное/; тут не до смеха

  2. существительное
    • смех

      too much laughing and talking — слишком много смеха и болтовни

      I was in no mood for laughing — мне было не до смеху

      I couldn't speak for laughing — от смеха я не мог произнести ни слова

  • смеющийся
  • веселый
  • смешной
  • смех
laughing fit – приступ смеха

Примеры использования

"I've got a pretty good digestion, mother," said Robert, laughing.
It brought them back, a shamefaced crew, laughing at each other.
He saw them laughing, flushed, silhouetted against the green, distant trees.
Allister, laughing joyously, turned to the other three and repeated the question to them.
"By no means, I give you my word of honor," answered the major, laughing.
He took chances and got away with them, laughing at the girl's gasps of dismay.
Instead of laughing when she drew back from a proffered caress, he turned surly.
"Wish they would divide; I'm as poor as a church mouse," I said, laughing.
The man took her by the shoulder, laughing still, and spun her up standing.
"So do I, for that matter," said her husband, laughing merrily.


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