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  1. существительное
    • мыльная пена

    • пена, мыло (на лошади)

      to be in a lather — разг. быть в страшной спешке, в запарке; ≅ весь в мыле

      a good lather is half the shave — ≅ хорошее начало полдела откачало

  2. глагол
    • намыливать, покрывать мыльной пеной

    • покрываться пеной, мылом (о лошади)

    • мылиться, образовывать или давать пену

      this soap does not lather well — это мыло плохо мылится

    • разг. бить, колотить

  • пена
rich lather – густая пена
  • мыло
  • намыливать
  • пороть

Примеры использования

It was a heart-tearing thing to see her run to the point of lather and then keep on.
You get up to soothe them and find them in a lather of sweat and scared to a tremble.
When Emil alighted at the Shabatas' gate, his horse was in a lather.
The horse was not winded, but it trembled and reeked with sweat and lather.
He was borne up the seas; he slid down the seas in a lather of white foam.
There are times when the lather might have been fairly guaranteed to dry on the face.
Near-by him was Vanamee holding by the bridle an animal that was one lather of sweat.
This was so tremendous that the horse shook all over as if in an ague, and began to lather.
We may say that the soap used for making this lather is not M'Clinton's shaving soap.
Secondly, soap the back thoroughly with lather (see) at bedtime.


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