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  1. существительное
    • котёнок, киса, кисонька

      frisky kitty — игривый /резвый/ котёнок

    • карт. пулька; банк

    • цель (в игре в кегли или шары)

  • Китти
  • котенок
little kitty – маленький котенок
  • кошачий

Примеры использования

Kitty paused in the hall, playing with the roses in a bowl upon the table.
Vaguely, between Kitty's sobs, I heard the ticking of a watch.
Kitty had come to us; she stood in the doorway, white and shaking.
The doctor motioned me to a table behind the screen of which Kitty had spoken.
In a few minutes Mrs. Reid and Kitty returned with Mr. Winship.
I could easily get over it myself, but for Kitty we ought to have a ladder.
When the evening came, I called for Kitty about six o'clock.
I saw we were in for it, so I caught Kitty by the hand and we ran.
Before that grieved organ-tone of reproach, Kitty's eyes filled.
There was a stage cough, and Kitty plunged into the room, carefully unnoticing.

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