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  1. прилагательное
    • радостный, счастливый; довольный; приносящий радость; испытывающий радость; приятный

    • выражающий радость

    • прил.; = joyous

  • радостный
joyous smile – радостная улыбка
joyous dance – веселый танец
joyous event – счастливое событие
  • ликующий
joyous people – ликующий народ

Примеры использования

A joyous celebration such as this requires cake, music, and elaborate decorations!
The smile that exuded from her lips confirmed that the joyous news of the baby’s birth had reached his mother.
Blissful and joyous, the jubilant parade seemed to carry on for miles.
The joyous feast was attended by all of the medieval royalty as well as a few knights.
Joyous and exultant, the band played a song for the newly married couple.
At this season of the year the vintagers are joyous and negligent.
With a joyous cry of "J. Elfreda, where, oh, where did you come from?"
In such directions, Aggie was the leader, an eager, joyous one always.
Low she crouched, and her call to Lauzanne was but a joyous whisper.
I would not wish to be unbecomingly attired on so joyous an occasion.
The lady uttered a joyous exclamation, and seized the letter.
She sang as she went about them, and the words were those of a joyous hymn.
Lucy Ann could have called out to them, in joyous understanding, they looked so free.
He was a joyous child, as joyous as if no shadow had ever rested on his mother's heart.
She gave one look, and held out both hands with a joyous cry.


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