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  1. прилагательное
    • внутренний

      internal parts of a body — внутренние органы

      internal parts of the earth — недра земли

      internal medicine — терапия, внутренние болезни

      internal remedy — внутреннее (лекарство)

      internal waters — внутренние воды

      internal jurisdiction — внутренняя юрисдикция

      internal war — междоусобная война

      internal aerial — радио комнатная антенна

      internal evidence — юр. доказательство, лежащее в самом документе

      internal revenue — эк. государственные доходы, внутренние бюджетные поступления (за счёт различных налогов)

      internal combustion engine — двигатель внутреннего сгорания

      internal water — геол. глубинная вода

    • душевный, сокровенный

      internal thoughts — сокровенные мысли

      internal resentment — внутреннее возмущение

    • занимающийся в университетском колледже

      internal student — студент того университета, где он предполагает получить степень

  2. существительное
    • анат. внутренние органы

    • pl. свойства, качества

  • внутренний
internal combustion engine – двигатель внутреннего сгорания
internal control system – система внутреннего контроля
internal affairs body – орган внутренних дел
internal armed conflict – внутренний вооруженный конфликт
internal hard disk – внутренний жесткий диск
internal carotid artery – внутренняя сонная артерия
total internal reflection – полное внутреннее отражение
internal revenue code – кодекс внутренних доходов
internal standard – внутрифирменный стандарт
  • очный
internal form – очная форма
  • душевный

Примеры использования

Since the emergency room physician suspected internal bleeding, the patient’s chest was opened up to see if the injury was bad.
An internal explosion in the wreckage of the building led the troops to believe that someone was still in the building.
After the robbers always hit a bank that was not being staked out by the police, the police department knew there was an internal leak from one of its officers.
A volcanic eruption begins in the internal structure of the earth and then the lava moves up the mountain spraying it all over the land.
When the screaming driver of the crashed vehicle didn’t show signs of trauma, the paramedics suspected that he had damaged his internal organs.
The exterior is not remarkable, but the beauty of the internal ornament is most striking.
While the mill was at rest he pried into its internal machinery.
Norman windows have only one splay on the internal side of the building.
She believed the death of Jonas was a judgment on them for their internal dissensions.
It is by "internal evidence," observe, that we decide upon the mind.
This is made from a piece of brass tubing with an internal diameter of 3/4 inch.
Apparently the fall he had sustained had done him some internal injury.
Internal evidence seems to leave the question of authorship in doubt.
The place of the Meno in the series is doubtfully indicated by internal evidence.
True, one escaped, but from no lack of internal watchfulness or order.


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