immigrate Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • иммигрировать

    • переселять в какую-л. страну (иностранных рабочих и т. п.)

  • иммигрировать

Примеры использования

Sari would like to immigrate to the United States and find a better life than the one she has in Syria.
As an immigration lawyer, Jan has helped many people permanently relocate in our country.
Tomas will sneak across the border if he is not allowed to legally immigrate.
To escape religious persecution, Hector plans to immigrate to Canada.
Hugh is happy in his country and has no plans to immigrate to a different nation.
Do you object that the poor will be the only ones to immigrate to Palestine?
I should not want "the flower" of other nations to immigrate to our shores.
Is it for these things I give up wife, and patrie, and immigrate myself out of dear France?
Spaniards did not immigrate to any considerable extent, and negro slavery flourished on the seacoast.
The real Portuguese immigrate in families and show very little money on landing.
If island formed continent, some species would emerge and immigrate.
The wretched survivors, who are there set at liberty, are immediately seduced to "immigrate" to the West Indies.
Sure I'm at the jumpin'-off place now, and to immigrate furder would be to put meself in the hands of the murtherin' redskins.
The desire to immigrate, stimulated by the transportation companies, spread like a fever.

Карта синонимов


enter a foreign area intending to live there


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