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  1. существительное
    • часто пренебр. род, тип, сорт

      these books or others of like ilk — эти книги и подобные им

      men of that ilk — люди такого сорта

      MacDonald of that ilk — Макдональд родом из местечка Макдональд

  • род

Примеры использования

Only famous entertainers, athletes, and people of this ilk are allowed inside the VIP club area.
Because I do not earn a huge salary like pro football players, rappers, and others of their ilk, I do not live in a mansion.
The hurricane caused flooding, property damage, and problems of that ilk in our beachside town.
When Betsy encounters spiders, roaches, and creatures of this ilk, she usually screams.
Barry prefers to watch wrestling, boxing, and sporting events of that ilk.
Thus I get a perspective upon the place, to Will and his ilk denied.
The collections, then, those from Mr. Young and his ilk excepted, were satisfactory.
Harpies of this ilk are the bane of sight-seeing all the world over.
You remember Mrs. Wallace, don't you—Pritchard, of that ilk?
Him's got a bib on 'ike Trouble when him eats bread and 'ilk.
No woman could have proposed the things which she had proposed who was not of that ilk.
They can always import some of that ilk from Geneva if necessary.
The ilk was multiplying like flies in summer-time, and there was no place it had not invaded.
The man on the trough was of the ilk of the men who surrounded him.
I felt hopeful that for a time at least I should see the last of stewards and their ilk.

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