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  1. существительное
    • гумор, тканевая жидкость

    • вытяжка, экстракт

    • амер.; = humour

  • юмор
keen sense of humor – чувство юмора
  • настроение
good humor – хорошее настроение
  • юмористический
humor magazine – юмористический журнал

Примеры использования

He did not believe Hines; yet he had to humor him, in a measure.
It is not humor that is irreverent, but the mind that gives it the wrong turn.
They recognized the humor hidden in the answer, and enjoyed it.
Rosenfeld eyed him suspiciously, but, possessing a sense of humor also, he grinned.
But either Epimetheus had not heard the tap, or was too much out of humor to notice it.
That was hardly possible, for Jane had a keen sense of humor.
The zany was progenitor to the specialist in humor, as we to-day have the unhappiness to know him.
It seemed, however, as if the humor of the animal had suddenly changed.
Here is a specimen of his graceful blending of irony and humor.
They called it humor, but it sounded like something quite different.


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