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  1. прилагательное
    • гостеприимный, радушный

      hospitable household — гостеприимный дом

      hospitable atmosphere — атмосфера гостеприимства

      hospitable reception — радушный приём

      hospitable speech — приветственная речь

      a climate hospitable to the raising of corn — климат, благоприятный для выращивания зерновых

    • открытый, восприимчивый, охотно впитывающий

      a mind hospitable to new ideas — человек, откликающийся на всё новое; ум, воспринимающий всё новое

  • гостеприимный
hospitable hostess – гостеприимная хозяйка
hospitable reception – радушный прием
hospitable host – хлебосольный хозяин
  • приветливый

Примеры использования

The hospitable host of the bed and breakfast opens the front door for each of her guests.
Because John was having a bad day, he was not very hospitable to his friends when they came to visit.
The hospitable doorman offered Ann a cold bottle of water as soon as she stepped out the door.
Although the restaurant does not have the best food, I go there often because the hospitable staff treats me like family.
The hospitable concierge made sure the hotel room was warm and inviting for the honeymooning couple.
I will not say in what country, for all countries have been hospitable to me, and I am neither a spy nor a traitress.
And I may say, too, that they are most hospitable to the traveler, as our own experience with them exemplified.
And so that hospitable front door of ours waited long for neighbors.
They bought that pleasant house of ours with its hospitable front door.
He composed his understanding, and recollected the lessons of the hospitable hermit.
In this stanza Rhuvawn is celebrated as pious, valiant, and hospitable.
Jacob stayed and brake bread with the plain, hospitable family.
"Come home with me, and spend the night," he said in a hospitable way.
Her guardian was embarrassed, also, but he tried to be hospitable.
Australian colonists are the most hospitable people in the world.

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