horizon Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • горизонт; небосклон

      horizon line — линия горизонта

      on the horizon — на горизонте

    • астр., геод. горизонт

      apparent /visible, natural/ horizon — видимый горизонт

      optical horizon — оптический горизонт

      physical horizon — физический горизонт

      celestial /true, astronomical, rational/ horizon — небесный /истинный/ горизонт

      artificial /false, bubble/ horizon — искусственный горизонт

    • геол. ярус, горизонт, стратиграфическое положение пласта

    • горн. горизонт (эксплуатационный)

    • (умственный) горизонт, кругозор

      his horizons were broad [narrow] — это был человек с широким [узким] кругозором

      beyond the horizon of his age — поднявшись над уровнем своего века

      science gives us a new horizon — наука открывает перед нами новые горизонты, наука расширяет наш кругозор

    • pl. перспективы, горизонты

    • эк. предельная дата, горизонт

      forecast horizon — горизонт прогнозирования

      planning horizon — горизонт планирования

  • горизонт
event horizon – горизонт событий
open new horizons – открывать новые горизонты
wide horizon – широкий кругозор
  • перспектива
  • ярус

Примеры использования

Watching the large sunset past the horizon created a sense of peace and calm for me.
During the years of vast exploration, many people thought that the earth dropped off at the horizon.
In the movie, the boat sped at full force away from the shore and toward the horizon with waves splashing the sides.
The remote mountains created a backdrop against the horizon for a natural setting on a postcard.
Scientists gathered data about the meteors falling down to the horizon to determine their speed.
Fancy seeing this temple, of all others, without an Anthony of any sort on the horizon!
Next day several icebergs and hummocks were noticed on the horizon.
But the night was black as ink, the darkness had submerged the horizon.
And between ourselves what dupery there is in science, how it narrows our horizon!
A slight drizzle of rain had set in, and the horizon was not many miles from the ship.
No sooner was the first light streaking the horizon to the east than Andrew wakened.
He kept his eyes upon the Star, where it burned white on the horizon.
Above the horizon is a goddess who holds in her left hand an ear of corn.
And almost immediately the rim of the sun showed above the horizon.
Those that sit on the edge of the horizon are huge and golden, like desert watch-fires.


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