hold-up Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

[həʊld ʌp]
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  1. существительное
    • налёт; вооружённый грабёж; ограбление

    • затор (движения); пробка

    • остановка, задержка

      there was a hold-up in the construction of the bridge — в строительстве моста произошла задержка

    • амер. вымогательство; обдираловка; ≅ грабёж средь бела дня

      our house cost $5,000 exclusive of plumber's hold-up — дом обошёлся нам в 5000 долларов, не считая того, что содрал водопроводчик

  • приостановить
  • держать
  • задержать
  • поднять

Примеры использования

And that's how the Padova family fell into playing the hold-up game.
I'm here to tell you that I've got evidence to prove that Ford was a rustler an' a hold-up.
The hold-up is severe, usually, and becomes in itself a thing to be managed.
"We left him back there talking with one of the hold-up men," replied George.
The hold-up had been real after all,—instead of a planned, joking affair.
A place better adapted for a hold-up could hardly be devised.
“We—we used to—to play at hold-up when he was a boy,” she gasped.
The only point was to find out where the hold-up left the lateral.
Evidently, the thieves had managed to communicate with a confederate, and this was a hold-up.
Nor did they know on what night he had planned to pull off the hold-up.


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