hilarious Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • весёлый, шумный

      a hilarious celebration — шумное празднование

    • весёлый, смешной

      a hilarious joke — уморительная шутка

  • веселый
hilarious comedy – веселая комедия
  • шумный
  • острокомедийный

Примеры использования

The baby finds it hilarious whenever his mother sings to him in a funny voice.
The crowd found it downright hilarious when the comedian tripped over his microphone cord.
Watching videos of dogs riding skateboards is always hilarious to Jake.
Even though her brothers think it’s hilarious, Claire doesn’t like watching the funny home video show.
Diane thought the movie wasn’t as hilarious as her friend said it would be.
He in turn gives way to the hilarious buffoonery of the two slaves.
The old lady began to seem to him a thought too discursive, if not hilarious.
All Doctor Eben's friends were hilarious; and the greater part of Hetty's were gloomy.
The moderator had some difficulty in restoring order to the hilarious meeting.
All were hugely amused, but one, Mr. Pulcifer, was hilarious.
Señoras and señoritas are hilarious, and little children clap their hands.
They were a wild, hilarious party, careless and irresponsible.
The dance began with a swirl of noise and hilarious confusion.
"Do I look——" she began, but David burst into hilarious laughter.
His hearty, hilarious laugh was as contagious as the measles.


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