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  1. существительное
    • порция (для одного человека)

      three helpings of meat and vegetables — три порции мяса с овощами

      will you have a second helping? — хотите добавки?

    • уст. помощь; оказание помощи

  • помощь
helping refugees – помощь беженцам
  • порция
generous helping – щедрая порция
  • помогающий

Примеры использования

"I think I will," said the superintendent, helping himself to a fresh slice of toast.
Calvert and I have been helping our neighbors to get in the harvest.
What a farce it was to talk to her about helping those poor fellows!
I thought of helping them to get a small house somewhere and of taking a room with them.
You needn't worry about helping yourself; I've got a dozen bottles more.'
She was helping Uncle William who said that her help was very useful to him.
I was busy in helping to unreeve the stay, when I was seized with sudden and violent cramps.
They all knew now that he was trying hard, and who was helping him.
He smiled leeringly up at her, and reached for a second helping of honey.
Because if it hadn't been for her you'd never have thought of helping me.

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