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  1. существительное
    • счастье

      life of happiness and prosperity — благоденствие

    • удача, счастливый случай

    • своевременность, уместность

      the happiness of the comparison caught our attention — удачное сравнение привлекло наше внимание

  • счастье
family happiness – семейное счастье
happiness of childhood – радость детства
eternal happiness – вечное блаженство
  • благополучие
  • счастливый
life of happiness – счастливая жизнь

Примеры использования

Happiness exuded from the new bride’s face as she enjoyed her wedding day festivities.
Research studies on happiness have found that although it isn’t the only factor, contentment is related to income.
The runner’s greatest moment of happiness was when he crossed the finish line and defeated his rival.
Happiness and joy filled the father’s heart as he held his newborn baby.
Extreme disappoint replaced the winning team’s happiness when they found out they had been disqualified from the race.
I would do anything in the world for his happiness, poor old chap.
There is world enough for all to seek their happiness in their own way.
Well, even if we were, we've no right to get our happiness out of her suffering.
You know, and yet you'll take your happiness at the poor child's expense.
How could it care for a fellow's happiness, or even for his leading a correct life!
Recommend him a day or two in the country, for the good of his health and our happiness.
While God's Will may be for our happiness, we can attain to neither the happiness nor the Will—as yet.
Perhaps that is a sign—I daresay it is—that I have not had much of what is not happiness.
He must suffer more, must lose more, must pay more with happiness for his folly.
That is why it is necessary to happiness that one should be tired.


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