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  1. прилагательное
    • ловкий, умелый; проворный

      to be handy at smth., to be handy at /in/ doing smth. — уметь делать что-л., быть искусным в чём-л.

      she is handy with the needle — она хорошо шьёт

      he is handy in the house — он всё умеет делать по дому

    • удобный (для пользования); портативный

      handy volume — небольшой /удобный для пользования/ том

    • легко управляемый

      handy ship — манёвренный корабль

    • близкий, находящийся под рукой

      to keep smth. handy — держать что-л. под рукой

      the post-office is handy — почта рядом

      to come in handy — прийтись кстати; удачно подвернуться

      that would come in very handy — это будет очень кстати

  • удобный
handy reference – удобный справочник
handy tool – полезный инструмент
  • ловкий
  • близкий
  • сподручный
  • портативный
  • под рукой
  • кстати

Примеры использования

The woman’s husband was not a good cook, but was handy around the house when things needed to be fixed.
A set of jumper cables in the trunk can be handy in the case of a vehicle breakdown.
My large purse may seem oversized to some, but it is extremely handy on road trips.
A handy screwdriver was all that was needed to tighten the leaky pipe.
Placing the handy guide on her refrigerator, the woman read over the instructions anytime she was confused.
If half what they say is true, you're a handy lad with the guns.
This was accomplished in 1845, when Mr. Handy made his final settlement.
I can rig up a handy horse-stall with my spare spars and the grating.
I set my boots and Bud's side by side, where they'd be handy.
The last thing I did was to feel if my revolver were handy and my sword loose in the scabbard.
I fastened my closed lantern to my belt and put my revolver in a handy pocket.
It is customary in the Lossing Building to say, "We are so handy to the cars."
Long's it's round here somewheres I—why, I know where 'tis and—and it's handy.
It comes in handy for him, in politics and other ways, to have 'em that way.
Another wife or two to help me take care of him would come in handy.


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