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  1. существительное
    • рост; развитие

      full growth — полное развитие

      to attain full growth — достичь полного развития, достичь зрелости

      economic growth — экономическое развитие

      crystal growth — рост кристалла

      growth point — точка роста

      a period of rapid growth — период быстрого роста /развития/

      growth in storeys — лес. ярусный рост (деревьев в лесу)

    • прирост (тж. rate of growth)

      yearly growth — ежегодный прирост

      the growth of the population — прирост населения

      the boy has shown a growth of two inches over the summer — за лето мальчик вырос на два дюйма

    • увеличение; усиление; распространение

      the growth of education — распространение образования

    • выращивание, культивирование

      the growth of fruit — плодоводство

      apples of foreign growth — привозные /импортные/ яблоки

      wine of one's own growth — вино из собственного винограда

    • рост, произрастание

      plant of quick growth — быстрорастущее растение

    • культура (бактерий)

    • плод; продукт, предмет выращивания

      the best growths of France — лучшие плоды Франции

    • растительность; поросль

      a thick growth of bushes — густая поросль кустов

      the luxuriant growths of the tropics — буйная тропическая растительность

    • щетина

      he had a week's growth on his chin — он не брился целую неделю, у него была недельная щетина

    • урожай

      second growth — а) второй урожай; б) отава

      wine of the first growth — вино первого урожая

    • мед. опухоль, новообразование

      malignant [cancerous] growth — злокачественная [раковая] опухоль

      benign growth — доброкачественная опухоль

  • рост
hair growth – рост волос
plant growth regulator – регулятор роста растений
human growth hormone – гормон роста человека
nerve growth factor – фактор роста нервов
urban population growth – рост городского населения
world trade growth – рост мировой торговли
private sector growth – рост частного сектора
cancer cell growth – рост раковых клеток
blood vessel growth – рост кровеносного сосуда
growth potential – потенциал роста
reserves growth – прирост запасов
substantial growth – значительное увеличение
rapid growth – резкое возрастание
  • развитие
economic growth – экономическое развитие
  • выращивание
growth conditions – условия выращивания
  • опухоль
skin growths – новообразования кожи
  • разрастание
excessive growth – чрезмерное разрастание
  • произрастание
  • поросль
young growth – молодая поросль

Примеры использования

Growth of our business has led us to search for a larger office space.
The growth of the plant is slowed down when there isn’t much sunlight.
Because he hit a growth spurt, the teen has gotten much taller.
Growth of the wart has worried the witch since it has become much bigger.
Because of their family’s growth, the couple is looking for a much larger home to buy.
That it is one tree seems to be evident from the growth of the bark only on the outside.
That we pass out of this phase of being as we came into it, for Growth.
It must be a stage in its growth or it would not come into it.
In growth all is adjusted to capacity; it is not meant to shock, force, or frighten.
To the seeing eye decay is as fair as growth, and death as life.
He was now forty-five years of age, the forces of youth and growth had left him.
The question is, How was the land surface formed for the growth of plants?
The growth of the Hebrew idea was somewhat parallel to this.
We repeat that we are not much concerned with the growth of the idea of the power of God.
What the moral ends were depended upon the growth of the moral ideal.


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