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  1. прилагательное
    • лестный, приятный; доставляющий радость, удовольствие

      the gratifying feeling that our duty has been done — отрадное чувство выполненного долга

      it was gratifying to him that he seemed to be expected — то, что его ждали, очень его обрадовало

      the success of the undertaking is most gratifying — успех этого мероприятия очень обнадёживает

  • приятный
  • приятный
  • отрадный
gratifying fact – отрадный факт
  • лестный
  • удовлетворение
  • отрадно

Примеры использования

"I'll do it," replied the young man with gratifying alacrity.
This improvement in the sentiment of railroad men is gratifying.
It was to me a soothing and a gratifying scene of meditation.
Then, all at once, she found an excuse for gratifying this inquisitiveness.
And Serena did improve, slowly at first, then with gratifying rapidity.
The terms in which the offer had been made were gratifying in the extreme.
Of this I had no doubt before; but the experiment has been most gratifying and encouraging.
With a turn of his hand he was capable of gratifying your wildest ambition.
Why not have it when there are so many ways and means of gratifying our tastes.
I should have languished away if I had not succeeded in gratifying my passion.

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