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  1. существительное
    • правитель

      the governors and the governed — правители и их подданные

    • губернатор

      governor of a state — губернатор штата

    • комендант (крепости); начальник (тюрьмы)

    • управляющий; член правления

      the board of governors of a hospital — правление больницы

    • заведующий (школой, больницей и т. п.)

    • разг. хозяин

    • разг. отец (часто в обращении)

    • разг. господин (в обращении)

    • уст. лоцман; кормчий

    • тех. регулятор

      hydraulic [pendulum] governor — гидравлический [маятниковый] регулятор

    • эл. регулировочный реостат

  • губернатор
new military governor – новый военный губернатор
  • правитель
powerful governor – могущественный правитель
  • управляющий
board of governors – совет управляющих
  • регулятор
speed governor – регулятор скорости
  • начальник
prison governor – начальник тюрьмы
  • комендант
  • хозяин
  • отец

Примеры использования

Though he talked a good talk, the governor of Louisiana was clueless on how to balance a budget and left the state bankrupt.
The new governor was in charge of making all major decisions for the state of Wisconsin.
It was odd to see a Democratic governor elected to run a state that has been red for decades.
Without a capable governor to run the state government, finances floundered.
Each state governor met in Washington D.C. to discuss the common issues their respective states were dealing with at that time.
He was thirty years in my governor's service, and doesn't understand my ways.
And before you got off the beams, Andrew, the governor of this State will have signed a pardon for you.
The Governor won't be here for half an hour; bolt the door and have it out.
When the Governor or President V-toes a bill, is he supposed to put his foot on it?
On the other side of the Rock you can read how Governor Nieto carried the faith to them.
But what dignitary is this crossing from the other side to greet the governor?
He had known Jack's governor for years, and so a too formal introduction was unnecessary.
The governor assented and went, saying he would return within an hour.
This raised a storm: the planters, the custom-house, and the governor, were all against him.
Nelson wrote to thank the governor for the humanity which he had displayed.


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