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  1. прилагательное
    • правительственный, государственный

  • правительственный
governmental delegation – правительственная делегация
international governmental organizations – международные правительственные организации
group of governmental experts – группа правительственных экспертов
authorized governmental body – уполномоченный государственный орган
various governmental agencies – различные государственные органы
exercise of governmental authority – осуществление государственной власти
  • властный
governmental structure – властная структура

Примеры использования

When are the names of governmental bodies, departments, etc., capitalized?
The question of governmental control of industry is an example.
He occupied all governmental offices, and was the arbitrator of domestic life.
There is nothing like it for giving commands or for governmental purposes.
Fomishka and Fimishka had a horror of governmental, that is to say, official people.
In France governmental ownership and management have been less successful.
This is not to say that our own governmental machinery is perfect.
They and their ancestors had been, for centuries, the victims of governmental despotism.
I thought—I was taught so at Yale—that your governmental machinery was excellent, most excellent.
Your trifle, as you call it, has made me fast in the Governmental chair.


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