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  1. прилагательное
    • добродушный; добрый, сердечный, радушный; весёлый

      genial old man — добродушный /приветливый/ старик

      a man with a genial character — добрый человек

      genial smiles — весёлые /приветливые/ улыбки

      genial company — милая /приятная/ компания, весёлое /приятное/ общество

    • мягкий (о климате и т. п.)

      genial day [weather] — мягкий /хороший/ день [-ая погода]

      genial warmth — мягкое тепло

      genial climate — мягкий климат

      genial sunshine — ласковое солнце

      the genial influence of good wine — благотворное (воз)действие хорошего вина

    • редк. брачный

      genial bed — брачное ложе

    • уст. плодородный

    • уст. праздничный

      genial cups — праздничные /застольные/ чаши

    • редк. гениальный

    • подбородочный

  • подбородочный
  • мягкий
  • добрый
  • общительный
  • дружелюбный
genial smile – добродушная улыбка
genial host – радушный хозяин
  • гениальный
  • сердечный

Примеры использования

Santa Claus is such a genial man that children love to approach him.
While I expected my elderly neighbor to be rude, he was actually genial and invited me in for tea.
A glass of wine always makes me genial and approachable.
How can I resist such a genial party invitation?
The genial hosts made sure everyone enjoyed the party.
When the genial trainer approached the anxious horse, he was able to calm the animal with a pat and a few kind words.
The genial clerk warmly greeted me as soon as I walked through the hotel doors.
As soon as Matt saw Sarah’s genial smile, he knew he had found the woman of his dreams.
The genial atmosphere of the dinner made strangers feel like friends.
Because John has a genial personality, he is the favorite in the election.
Mr. Roberts threw back his head and laughed,—a genial, hearty laugh.
"Come in, Margaret, and put down your basket," said the colonel in a genial tone.
Reaching it, he paused, offering the hand of genial fellowship.
He invariably encouraged humour, this genial philanthropist.
Before long it was roaring, and diffusing a genial warmth on all sides.
His manners are affable and genial, his disposition frank and generous.
The genial, playful, puppyish side of him found little expression.
But all was gloomy within, and genial nature could no longer enter.
I knew that I ought to be genial, and for a few moments I did my best.
Wherever he has gone he has left some sparks of his own genial enthusiasm.


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