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  1. глагол
    • ист. облагать налогом

    • платить налог

    • холостить, кастрировать

    • ослаблять; выхолащивать

  2. существительное
    • ист. налог в пользу короны

  3. прилагательное
    • диал. бесплодный

  • кастрировать

Примеры использования

Geld, money, has no connection with gold, but is cognate with Eng.
Does your worship mean to geld and splay all the youth of the city?
Power came to him with travail and through toil, the geld of craft and of force.
The number of hides that is put before us is the number of hides for geld.
The scotum in this context seems to be or to include the geld.
A manerium does not cease to be a manerium by being freed from geld.
But further, the assessment of the geld sadly needed reform.
Of course the state will endeavour to collect the geld in big sums.
The petty maneria of Suffolk, what can they be but holdings which geld by themselves?
He who has seven houses against which geld is charged is a big man.

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